7 Reason to Consider Getting Custom Orthotics

7 Reason to Consider Getting Custom Orthotics

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What are Custom Orthotics? And, why should you consider getting them?
Our feet are the base of support for our entire body, therefore, it is very important to ensure proper motion and stability. A Custom Orthotic is a specifically designed insole that is used to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position, meaning it will ensure proper motion and provide proper support for your foot and ankle.

Reason #1:
Custom Orthotics can help relieve symptoms of poor foot mechanics such as localized foot pain, bunions and hammer toes, arch/heel pain, leg/knee pain, and hip, back, or even neck pain.

Reason #2:
Custom Orthotics bring your feet back into proper alignment, reducing the stress and strain on your body. 

Reason #3:
Since Customs Orthotics are made specifically for you, they can reduce specific motions that take place during the gait cycle by re-aligning and redirecting the foot. 

Reason #4:
Custom Orthotics can fit into your favourite pair of shoes as comfortably as an insole. Any shoe that has a removable insole will work with your Custom Orthotics.

Reason #5:
Your Chiropractor did an assessment and recommended that Custom Orthotics would be a good idea for you.

Reason #6:
Custom Orthotics is covered under your Extended Health Benefits. (Ask us what to check for to see if you’re covered!)

Reason #7:
Custom Orthotics help position your foot so you will be using the right muscles at the right time, minimizing fatigue and allowing your muscles to be used more efficiently

Wearing Custom Orthotics can provide many health benefits, such as improved posture, better balance, increased comfort, and reduced pain. If you feel like your feet could be part of your symptoms, you can discuss this with your healthcare practitioner. (This includes your Chiropractor!) They can then assess and prescribe Custom Orthotics with insoles that are custom-made to help correct your specific foot and body imbalances, allowing you to put your best foot forward!

(Sourced From: The Orthotic Group, 2022)


Shoulder Strengthening Exercise

This video shows you how to strengthen your external shoulder rotator cuff muscles. This is great for the rounded forward shoulders, the head forward posture, and neck and shoulder pain.

Give it a try, and let us know if we can help.

Safe Push Up Variations

Want to make the most out of your Push-Ups?

Dr. Sarah shows you how to make these simple changes to perform better and safer!

Have a question?

We are here to help!

Bird Dog Low Back Strengthening Exercise

Hi everyone!

This is a great low back strengthening exercise to try.  It is simple and there are modifications for beginners.  Check it out and let me know how it goes.


Staying strong for LIFE … my top 5 reasons I train at the gym


When I tell people how I train at the gym 3  – 4 times per week, that I do cross fit at times, and that I have hired a personal coach / trainer to work with me to be at my best, I often get the question – what are you training for? A competition? A race?  An event?

I usually cheekily answer … I am training for LIFE!


Here is what I mean by that:


  •  I train so that I can lift all of my patio furniture from the under the deck storage to our upper level deck.


  •  I train so that my husband and I can put 845 pounds of rocks in our front rock garden all by our selves. Yay for not having to pay for delivery!

rock garden

  •  I train so that I can feel energized at my office every week and I feel good at the end of my weeks, instead of low energy, fatigued and sore.


  •  I train so that I can take my dogs for a 3-hour hike through some rough terrain and hills and be able to keep up with them.


  •  I train so I can play softball in the summer and not feel sore or pain after every single game.


  •  I train so I can be the best version of myself and feel more confident and better in my cloths.


Let me be honest … I have fallen off the wagon with my exercise at times and not felt my best.  I have needed to ask for help and change up what I do.  But the important thing is that I start again and become consistent again.  And I do have bad days, but I keep going. I encourage you to figure out what your ideal type of training is and what you LIKE to do.   When you do, don’t just wait for an event or competition to train. Your ideal type of training could be yoga, swimming, running, a boot camp, spinning class or training at a gym with weights. I encourage you to view your physical exercise as training for you to be a better version of yourself. Pick what you like and stay consistent!


Any questions, send me a message or email michelle@campbellcc.com


Dr. Miche



Better athletic performance and recovery

Wow!! She goes from a debilitating hip injury 6 weeks ago thinking she wouldn’t run her marathon last weekend to healing the hip, clearing some upper spinal issues as well, and not only completing her race, but running a personal best, qualifying for Boston and placing second in her age category. Chiropractic is great for healing, but also for increased performance and recovery! What athlete doesn’t want to be at their best and take every advantage possible ?!? ‪



rhonda running marathon



In her own words:


“Six weeks out from the Ann Arbour 2016 Marathon, I suffered a debilitating hip injury that left me unable to run.  After two weeks of trying to heal myself and getting no relief, I called the Campbell Care Centre. Dr. Campbell and Laura Peach (massage therapist) work hard to help my body heal from its injury and get me into better shape than ever. Thanks to the excellent care I received at the clinic not only did I run a personal best time, but I ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time and placed second in my age category. Throughout the run and after the race I felt great. My recovery was quicker than after any previous race. Today I am happily training for the Forest City Road Race half marathon and planning to run the Hamilton Road 2Hope marathon in the fall. As I train for these races I know the Campbell Care Centre will be a big part of my routine. Thank you Dr. Campbell and Laura for your fabulous care….I couldn’t have done it without you!”