😂 Finding New Ways to Get On and Off the Chiropractic Table! 💆‍♂️💥

Who says chiropractic appointments have to be boring?

We’re all about making it fun! Check out these hilarious moves we’ve witnessed in our office – which one are you?

The I’m Exhausted: Those early morning appointments got you like… 😴☕

The Relaxed Man: When you’re so chill, you practically float onto the table. 😌✨

The I’m Ready to Listen: That eager beaver who’s all ears for chiropractic wisdom! 👂🤓

The I Don’t Want to Fall: Gripping the sides like you’re on a rollercoaster! 🎢😱

The Baby Crawl: Because sometimes, you just need to crawl your way to relief! 🚼🐾

Tag your fellow chiropractic adventurers and let us know your signature move in the comments! 😆💬

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What is the cracking sound during a spinal adjustment?

We had FUN with this one 🙂

When you hear an adjustment, do you ever wonder what that “cracking” sound is?

It is simply gas escaping from the spine.

A capsule surrounds the facet joints, and a sound emerges when you stretch that joint to a specific range of motion. Nothing is cracking, or breaking, or any other negative thing people will say.

Simply put … that sound is your spine farting 😉

Can Chiropractic help chronic back pain? YES!


Chronic Back Pain SUCKS!

Chiropractic can help manage your chronic back pain and help to reduce your pain and improve your symptoms substantially.

Dealing with a diagnosis sooner than later is ALWAYS the way to go. Fast action minimizes the long-term fallout.

Book a new patient appointment with us.

We are here to help.

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My top 10 strengthening exercises


Many think stretching is the key to fixing back and neck pain.

While mobility and stretching are super important, the strength component is the most important aspect of training.

I do these ten postural strengthening exercises every week.  It makes a huge difference, especially when you are consistent and intentional.  

I have a free video for all these exercises and more on my youtube channel.  

And if you need more help, book in with Dr. Steve or me, and we can create a plan for you to reach your goals! 

Book online at https://campbellcc.janeapp.com