👋 Hey there,

Spring is almost here, bringing a fresh wave of energy to boost your wellness journey! Whether you’re gearing up for March sports or getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks and good cheer, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s kick off the festivities and embrace the positive vibes of March together!

🏀 Spring Sports: Your Wellness Playbook:

As London begins to defrost, and the colours of spring come out, it’s game on for outdoor activities! From biking to running to rugby, our chiropractic team has crafted the ultimate playbook for a winning season. Let’s make sure you’re not just in the game but playing at your peak. Schedule an appointment, and let the spring sports begin! Watch Dr. Michelle explain how to keep your knees in good shape!



☘️ St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans:

Thinking of enjoying a lively St. Paddy’s celebration? We’re here for it! Ensure the morning after is just as vibrant as the festivities by prioritizing hydration and nutrition. Remember the importance of staying well-hydrated and nourished. Additionally, explore how chiropractic care can contribute to optimal nervous system function, helping you feel your best. It’s about embracing the celebration responsibly and supporting your overall well-being. Cheers to a balanced and joyful St. Patrick’s Day!

🚗 Parking Spots:

Are you or someone you know interested in a parking spot? We’ve got many spots at our downtown location (533 Queens Ave), available for rent at $85 per month! Email us at admin@campbellcc.com if you would like to look into it!