Six Alternatives to Tummy Time

👶💪 Tummy Time & Beyond! 🌟

We all know the importance of tummy time for our little ones – building those muscles, supporting motor skills, and setting the foundation for crawling and more. But did you know there are other ways to give your baby the strength and stimulation they crave? Here are 6 excellent alternatives:

  1. Football Hold – Just like carrying a football, hold baby securely under your arm, head facing out.
  2. Upright Carry – Let them see the world from a new perspective, head up and taking it all in.
  3. Lap Hold – Place them face down on your lap, a perfect position for some bonding while strengthening.
  4. Shin Hold – While sitting, rest baby on your shins for a mini seesaw experience.
  5. Chest Hold – Heart to heart, this hold offers warmth and a chance for those tiny muscles to push up.
  6. Side Lying – Laying on their side, baby can work on balance and lateral muscles.

Let’s give our babies the best start with varied, engaging holds that promote growth and connection. Mix it up and watch them thrive! 🌱✨ #BabyGains #ParentingTips #TummyTimeAndMore