Figure Four Stretch for Low Back Pain and Hip Mobility


The figure 4 stretch is a favourite stretch to help hip mobility.

The stretch targets the glutes.

Key takeaways: – sit up tall – chest out, head up – always do both sides – hold the stretch for 30 seconds – make sure to do them 2- 3 times a day. As always, if it is painful, contact your health professional.

Door handle QL Stretch for The Lower to Mid Back


This stretch is excellent for the lower to mid back of the spine.

It can help to stretch the lumbar erectors and the QL muscles at the thoracolumbar joint.

Tips for this stretch: * Think of your tailbone stretching to the opposite end of the room * The shoulder opposite to the hand on the door handle drops down to create a twisting motion in the spine * Feel free to bend your legs to get a deeper stretch * Always do both sides * Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

Looking to Improve Your Posture?

Looking for better posture?

This video is for you if you sit a lot and are looking to improve your posture to prevent your forward hump in your mid-back. 


Single Leg Deadlift – Why You Should Do Them Even If You Aren’t A Body Builder

Why do I like single-leg deadlifts so much? Because they help low back pain! I used to be a figure skater, and I had low back pain I needed to rehab over the years. These helped me so much! The single-leg deadlift is simple and effective. It helps with preventing and rehabbing low back pain, as well as improving balance. You can do this with a kettlebell or dumbbell, and I would suggest that beginners can do it without any weights and still get effective exercise.