When will you ladies stop talking about how great Chiropractic is?


We love Chiropractic.

We love the results it gives our patients.

The fun we have while in the office.

The happiness it brings people when their quality of life comes back.

We are here to help.

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Every wonder what Chiropractors can help with?


Every wonder what Chiropractors can help with? 



Neck Pain 

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Poor posture

Poor sleep due to pain

Lack of energy due to pain





We offer weekend and evening appointments.  


Online booking available.  

Easy stretch for your chest to help with rounded shoulders and back pain

Do you have neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness, or tingling down your arms?

This exercise could help.

This is the pectoralis doorway stretch. We suggest you do both arms and you can do one arm at a time or you can do them together. We hold all stretches for 30 seconds in an uncomfortable position, but not a painful position. The pec or chest muscles have 3 different angles of muscle fibers, so we must stretch at a 90-degree angle, as well as a 45-degree angle upward and downward.