Stretches for Pregnant Women

I’ve been London Ontario’s Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractor for many years, but now I’m much more credible to help you on your pregnancy journey because I’m pregnant too!


So I wanted to share the pregnancy stretches that have been helping me with my pregnancy pains and can help you too:


I hope you find these stretches helpful!

I have something else for you, too.

I’ve been helping pregnant Mom’s in London, Ontario find pregnancy pain relief through chiropractic for 8 years now, and I’m happy to announce a BRAND NEW package called The Pain-Free Pregnancy Package.

This package includes your initial consultation, your neurological exam, 2 adjustments, pregnancy exercise videos AND my pregnancy checklist (Save $147 today).

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Thank you for letting me join your pregnancy journey.

See you soon,

Dr. Michelle

2 easy stretches for low back pain

Hi everyone!


Check out my 3 and half minute video on 2 super easy hip stretches for low back pain.  We all know that we sit too much and when we do, our hip flexors and gluts tend to tighten up.  So whether you have pain or not, these are two great and easy stretches to do while at the office, at home watching TV, or on a rest stop during your drive.




Dr. Michelle




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