Our very own vegetable garden

We harvested our very own garden this weekend! Yay!!!!


The veggies taste soooo much better when they are fresh from the vegetable garden. It really is incredible the difference in taste.

garden cucumbers

I love that we used organic soil, planted organic veggies and now we can look forward to more lettuce and cucumbers, as well as tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli and herbs in the future.


I didn’t realize how easy it was to have a garden! With some help and guidance from our parents and YouTube, we bought soil and seedlings and plant food, and we water every other day when needed. We are about to have so many nutritious meals that taste so fresh and delicious and simply involve a quick walk to the back yard. And the price is great too! Such a healthy thing to do!


Not only is it healthy for our body to eat fresh and nutritious vegetables, it is also healthy for our mind and soul. It always feels relaxing to spend time with my hands and feet in the soil and for my mind to be clear while working with the earth.   It always feels very satisfying to see the “fruits of your labour” or “veggies of your labour” in this case. 😉


There are so many great reasons to have a garden and I would love to see pictures and learn about your gardening adventures too.


Cheers to fresh veggies!


Dr. M