3 Tips for Keeping You Healthy for Fall Running

As the cooler weather approaches so does the beautiful colours, crisp evenings, and the pep in your step to get out and enjoy it all. But as the cooler days and evenings come as does the shorter amounts of daylight. If you are anything like me you love to jog and enjoy the scenery whether that’s watching the sun slowly lower over the horizon while running in your neighbourhood on the week nights, or on the weekends enjoying a nice trail or park land.

With all this being said here are some safety tips to remember with the change of season. Its easy to overlook these simple things, but they are key to your health.

  1. Make sure you warm up. This can be something as simple as starting your jog or bike ride at a light and slow pace. It’s important to warm up your legs yes, but don’t forget your arms to (they help you keep your momentum and are involved more than you think) also it’s important to make sure all your core and torso muscles are warm before stressing them. But as mentioned make sure those legs are warm. Nothing can hinder a jog more than a muscle strain/tear, that can lead to irregular gait patterns and unnecessary stresses to the joints.
  2. Don’t forget to stretch after! Another downfall with cooler weather is once your inside don’t forget those muscles are warm and worked hard, give them the proper cool down and hold each stretch for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to stretch your whole body, this will allow for a more positive recovery, and a great way to get that heart rate back down.
  3. Keep yourself safe! If it’s around that dusk or dawn time play it safe, remember to wear bright clothing even if you are on a sidewalk. With today’s fashions you can get so many tops, pants and shoes with reflective material that is subtle you don’t feel like a traffic pylon, but you allow vehicles and other to see you, making everyone safer. Also if sidewalks are available try use them as much as possible, if the boulevard is level that’s also a great alternative to being on the road. But regardless what terrain you are on make sure it’s well lit, this will decrease the risk of tripping, slipping and falling. Those fall leaves out there can make any terrain slippery if you step on them without knowing. Keep yourself safe and know your route and what types of potential hazards you may come across.


By:  Lauren Weber, RMT