Wrist work that reduced pain and tension in my forearms and wrists

Hi everyone!

As a Chiropractor, I use my forearms and wrists a LOT!  I am constantly gripping and releasing soft tissue and muscles, moving bodies (no, not the way they do in a horror movie … lol ) and adjusting joints in the body.

When I first started practice (8 years ago – wow!), my forearms would ache at times and I would feel some tension and weakness in my wrist joints. Over the years, I built up strength in my wrists, but just last year, I was finding my forearms were getting more and more tired as I was seeing more people in my practice.

So … what did I do about it?

I got some massage work on my forearms and had my wrists adjusted,  but I also started to do a wrist stretching / strengthening routine from my friends at Hybrid Fitness. I was told to do this every day, and I must admit, I likely did it 3 times per week, and it still worked for me!

Check out my video on my version of a wrist routine that worked for me and that I continue to do a few times per week for maintenance.

Dr. Michelle




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