Children and Chiropractic

Aligning Full Potential
Adjusting Child

Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, chiropractic offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being. Chiropractic during pregnancy is safe, effective and drug free!

Chiropractic is so important for growing children! Children learning to sit up, crawl, walk and run, playground falls and accidents, sport injuries, and large backpacks all create stresses on the growing spine. Adjustments are comfortable and feel good!

The expertise of the chiropractor is in checking the child’s spine for misalignments and poor movement patterns that impair the muscles, bones and nervous system function therefore affecting overall body function.

(Content adapted from ICPA)

I was adjusted me during and after my pregnancy and helped to significantly relieve the discomfort I was having. Myself, my husband and my 18 month old and 7 week old all get adjusted. My husband has experienced a significant decrease in the amount of pain his back was causing him and my children are happy and healthy!”


My 8 year old son would complain constantly about his legs hurting. He wouldn’t walk for long periods of time and the scenes he made in public were embarrassing! Since starting adjustments and Chiropractic care, he has not had any pain in his legs and no longer complains. He is a happier child! Chiropractic focus is on the whole body. Our whole experience was friendly, informative and successful!


I have been a patient for approximately two years. I first started getting adjustments to help improve my overall health and lower back issues. At that time, my youngest son had significant pain in his wrist resulting in decreased range of motion for him. As a karate student this was disrupting his lessons. He would modify his push-ups having to use the tips of his fingers for stability because he could not flex his wrist to put his hand flat on the floor. His pediatrician prescribed Naproxen, which helped with the pain but did not correct the problem. I started to bring him to the Chiropractor. Within a few weeks, my son no longer required his medication and gained full movement of his wrist. It was a good feeling to not need medication. He continues to receive regular adjustments. He is now preparing for his 1st Degree Black Belt. My oldest son has a rare variant of Klinefelters Syndrome know as XXXX,Y and has scoliosis. With his developmental delay and behavioral issues it has taken quite some time to make him feel comfortable with adjustments, but he is doing great now. . Chiropractic care takes his anxiety and developmental stage into consideration when working with him. He comes in for regular visits now and enjoys his appointments. As for myself, I have had trauma to my lower back area over the years and have experienced significant pain and limited range of motion. In the past I used strong, prescribed narcotics and anti-inflammatory medications to help me cope with the pain. Now, I use chiropractic care, physiotherapy, along with Traumeel and Arnica. This combination is helping me heal, rather than mask the pain. We are grateful (and healthier) because of Chiropractic


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