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The Chiropractors and the team are all amazing!! The team is always welcoming and friendly. The Chiropractor is knowledgeable, caring, nice and always made me feel comfortable. My back no longer has pain!! And also my 3 year old daughter gets chiropractic treatment. She was very nervous at her first appointment but from the second appointment she loves to go see the Chiropractor!! We’ve had the best experience and treatment!! Thank you so much!!


The Chiropractor and the rest of the team at Campbell Chiropractic Centre are absolutely amazing. I started seeing them at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to this day. I have always felt safe in her office during my visits as they follow protocol very carefully. They always take the time to address my questions and concerns if I have them and never makes me feel rushed.


I started seeing the Chiropractor after experiencing bad back pain which was preventing me from doing everyday tasks and having a good sleep. The Chiropractors are miracle workers! This is the first time I have gone to a chiropractor and I have had the best experience! Everyone at the office is very friendly and welcoming and the office is clean and following covid procedures well. Since going to the Chiropractor I have been able to sleep through the night and the pain has drastically decreased. Thank you!


A truly great experience at my first appointment. The attention to detail and care in your progress by the Chiropractor is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve already felt a huge difference already in my posture and mobility with the first few weeks of care!


The Chiropractor is awesome. I’ve been struggling for more than a year with very bad headache, neck and back pain, and not to mention I tried a lot of other therapies with no improvements and started feeling hopeless. However once I started treatments with the Chiropractor, everything changed. I started feeling better, getting more energetic and having a positive attitude.

The team is also amazing and friendly.

Thanks to the Chiropractor and the team.


Staff are friendly and welcoming. The videos that are provided through email are a great tool and they are easy to do at home. It didn’t take long to stop the pain I was having when I first started with the Chiropractor and the regular adjustments really helped.


I came in with hip pain and trouble sleeping. After seeing the Chiropractor I am able to sleep through the night. Chiropractic care provided me with exercises for my hip and checks-in to make sure I am doing them. The team is always friendly and it’s a positive environment. Highly recommend.


I have been a patient of Chiropractic care now for a few months and I’m happy to say that because of my treatment and therapy plan, I am no longer having back and shoulder pain. The Chiropractor is kind, personable and very knowledgeable. The team is very welcoming and efficient. I would recommend this team!


Being relatively new to London, I was looking for a trustworthy and experienced chiropractor to help with my scoliosis that can create serious back pain if left untreated. This Chiropractic office was the first that came up in my Google search and I am so thankful it was. She is incredibly receptive to your needs and ensures your care is truly at the centre of treatment. I’ve been going here for several months now and don’t plan on making any changes. Chiropractic care has helped alleviate a lot of my back pain and more importantly maintain a healthy spine/back.

A couple honourable mentions I must include. The team at the front desk is the best! They have been incredibly accommodating to my last minute schedule changes and have been super helpful and friendly during this entire process. I have also started to receive acupuncture treatment, I give it 5 stars all around. I had a minor rotator cuff injury and I’ve recovered only after two biweekly acupuncture sessions. Needless to say I am thoroughly impressed with all of the service I have received at Campbell Chiropractic Centre and hope to be a long time client. Thank you so much to the Chiropractors and the team.


I am very impressed with the quality of care I have received at Campbell Chiropractic Care. The Chiropractors  listens to your concerns and executes a plan that meets your needs. They also follow up with at home exercises as part of the overall strategy towards better bone and muscle health. Both the Chiropractors and the team are always welcoming and accommodating.


I have had a pleasant experience with Chiropractic care. The Chiropractor is confident in what she does and cares for your future health. What I really like about her way of treatment is that she gives you exercises to help strengthen and help out what she has worked with. I would recommend anyone to go to this chiropractor.


The Chiropractors and their team are absolutely wonderful.  Over the years I have moved and lived in several areas of Ontario and as a result had the chance to experience many chiropractors.  I can say with confidence there are few chiropractors that take the time to really listen to your situation, formulate an individualized plan, complete the treatment and then help you understand with videos etc how you can help maintain your health when you head home.  I highly recommend them to friends and family. thanks for all you have done for me.


Chiropractic care has been a great help in alleviating my back pain. The team is also extremely friendly and helpful. Overall a great experience!


I have always had bad posture and it has really bothered me . After doing my first 4 weeks with the Chiropractor I’ve noticed a big difference. My shoulders don’t fall forward the same way and I have less upper back pain. Overall I would recommend!


I knew nothing about Chiropractic Care before starting and thought it was purely for “cracking backs” and helping with aches and pains. After working alongside these 3 Doctors, learning more about Chiropractic Care and becoming an advocate for it, I can honestly say it is a vital part of my life. I am more intune with my body, I feel healthier over all and just more balanced. I recommend it to anyone looking to add that overall vitality to their life!!


The Chiropractor has been amazing in helping me after my car accident allowing my body to get back in alignment. The team has been amazing in setting up all my appointments and getting me my equipment to support my body in recovery from my car accident.


The Chiropractors are excellent. I would highly recommend them if you have any pain. They have a very friendly team that is always welcoming.


I’ve been seeing the Chiropractor for a few months now and I’ve never felt better (even at 8 months pregnant). At first I was hesitant to invest the time but it’s been so worth it!! The Chiropractors are amazing – they are patient, kind and so great at what they do.


I recently came back for my chiropractic care. I was having severe and chronic pain to which it would cost me the ability to be active at all. Since returning the Chiropractor I feel overwhelmingly better. I can play with my daughter, work in my yard and I can sleep through the night without waking up in tears. They really take the time to learn your body and what it needs since they understand that each person is different and there’s no one fix for each person. I have been recommending Campbell Care Centre to anyone who asks and will continue to!


My neck and shoulder was in rough shape, I had been dealing with the pain off and on for 8+ years. I was doing stretches I learned from physio and going for massages which provided some relief temporarily but finally after 6 weeks of seeing the Chiropractor my shoulder feels so much better!


I started seeing the Chiropractor a few months ago after an injury.  They tailored my treatment plan for my needs and even provided me with the right exercises and tips for me to support my healing at home.  My recovery is going so well!  I have less pain than I’ve had since childhood and my injury is almost healed!


I didn’t believe in chiropractors until I started my Chiropractic care! I was very skeptical of the chiropractic process at first, and thought it was a money grab (even though I have benefits for this!). Eight months into pregnancy, I noticed back, neck and pubic bone discomfort that was not going away with other interventions, so I decided that a visit to the chiropractor wouldn’t hurt.

The Chiropractor took my concerns very seriously. One thing I liked was that she asked lots of questions, even some that didn’t/couldn’t seem related to my discomfort but gave them lots of insight (this shows me they are thinking holistically, which I appreciate!). Not only did I notice a difference in my pain and range of motion, so too did my other health practitioners. Two other things I enjoy about my visits were:

1) they offers stretches and movements I can do at home.

2) they do not find other problems throughout the process- she treats only what needs to be treated.

I would recommend the Chiropractors and her team to anyone who has been encouraged to try chiropractic care or to anyone who is interested in making improvements on their own.


I’ve had a great experience here with the Chiropractor! Consistent, timely and specialized care has been provided for 7+ months now and I would definitely recommend!


One of the most positive experiences I’ve had with a therapist in general and I’ve been dealing with several from different disciplines since my car accident in August. In the short time I’ve seen them, the difference is night and day and I cannot say thank you enough. Highly recommend.


Amazing experience. Never been to a chiropractor before and they were very thorough and explained everything in detail. Now that I’ve had a few appointments, my body feels better, I sleep better….can’t believe I didn’t go sooner!


I have been a patient for almost a year. The improvement in my mobility is amazing! I will admit I was skeptical about Chiropractic treatment until I met the Chiropractor. They are amazing, a true blessing for me! They listen and come up with a healing plan that they fully explained to make sure I was completely comfortable with it. They truly care about your wellness! Sign up for their email videos, they are fantastic filled with very simple stretches & strengthening exercises that are easy to fit into your day.


New-ish to London, I was in search of a chiropractor. I discovered CCC on-line and they have become my go-to clinic. Friendly and welcoming but also seriously interested in my health and wellness. I love the positive environment and appreciate that there are other health care professionals available under one roof. This ‘Ambition’ sign, which hangs in the office, is a wonderful quote. And it is a reminder that, in order to tackle and achieve both my daily and bigger goals in life, I need to feel like the ‘best me.’


Due to a motor vehicle accident, my back began giving me issues. Although there weren’t serious injuries, the trauma of experiencing a car accident is what made my body feel tense. As years went by, I felt more and more restricted with certain movements especially in my neck. It hurt so much to turn my head in order to check my blind spots while driving. The Chiropractors truly have magic hands. I started feeling a difference after my second session. They have definitely relieved a lot of tension and pressure on my neck that I am happy to say that it NO LONGER hurts to turn my head!!!.

I feel less restricted, I am sleeping better and my neck doesn’t feel so sore when I wake up.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my treatments. Enjoy the happy smiles and positive attitudes when I walk in, and the Chiropractors are super sweet and know exactly what they are doing. I also appreciate how clean the team keeps the place.

I do not regret my visits or the money I put into the treatments.



Prior to going to the Chiropractor I was waking up every morning with lower back and sciatic pain. In the short time going to the ChiropractorI am now able to wake up pain free and able to complete daily tasks without an issue. The team is very welcoming and has made the whole experience a breeze. The team is able to provide helpful exercises and stretches to help with the positive progress.


Campbell Chiropractic Centre is the best chiropractic centre I have attended. The Chiropractors are miracle workers. I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years to the point where I was bedridden for weeks at a time. Chiropractic care has successfully been able to rehabilitate this area among others. The Chiropractor is kind, knowledgeable and she takes the time to get to know each client. Both the Chiropractors and the team are wonderful, they go above and beyond for each client. I suffer from anxiety but have always felt comfortable attending my appointments as the office has a warm and pleasant atmosphere. You are always greeted with a warm and friendly welcome and the team makes the scheduling process a breeze. I highly recommend Campbell Chiropractic Centre!!


Best part of my 2020! Thanks to the Chiropractor and the amazing team, going to Campbell Chiropractic was life changing and gave me so much hope. Not only do you feel like family when you’re there, but the physical and emotional release you get after an appointment is something to be very grateful for. I am finally finding comfort and peace with my mood and sleep due to the work of Chiropractic care. I would highly suggest this clinic if you are looking for a positive change in your life!


The Chiropractors and her team are amazing. Super nice, understanding and willing to work with your schedule. Always a welcoming environment with positive energy. The Chiropractor came recommended to me through friends and I am so glad I took their advice! Prior to visiting the centre I had constant migraines and vertigo and no medication I was taking would work. Fast forward to a few weeks after my initial appointment and I can now say my vertigo is almost completely gone and my migraines have decreased a bunch. I have experienced an overall improvement in my mood, concentration, physical and mental well being and I owe a big thanks to Campbell Chiropractic Centre for helping me get my life back.


I am very happy with my Chiropractic care. The Chiropractor proceeds with caution and listens. They realize not everyone’s treatment is necessarily the same. The team at the front desk are wonderful and helpful. I have never had to sit and wait for my appointment.  I totally recommend Campbell Chiropractic.


I have known the Chiropractors for many years. They are caring, personable and the utmost professional! They really care about their patients and their well-being. They are extremely hard working, take pride in their work and are amazing at what they do!


The Chiropractors are fantastic! Since starting our treatment plan, my fiancé and I feel so energized and much more balanced in life. Our 2 month old baby also receives adjustment and there is much less tension in her body now as well. The building is clean and comfortable, and they follow Covid guidelines well. As a new mom I especially love that they have a changing table in the bathroom as well.


I went to the Chiropractor because I had been suffering with aches and back pain.  Since I started my treatment, I am now able to walk without pain during my 10 hour shifts. I love being able to move without being in constant pain. Thank you for helping with improving my quality of life.


The Chiropractor is very good at explaining everything she is working on and how chiropractic medicine works to improve your overall well being. She is very professional and very easy to communicate concerns with. I left feeling very pleased with the care and treatment I received.


I have to give a great review for the Chiropractors and the team! In a matter of 4 weeks, my lower back pain issues have almost been completely resolved.


I had tried different chiropractic practitioners in the past, but didn’t feel like they did much for me and felt like my issues were brushed off. After a running injury, I decided to give it another try with Campbell Care. I now know that not all chiropractors are created equally – The Chiropractor took the time to truly listen to me and work with my body to not only ensure that I healed quickly, but also gave me the tools and support to make sure I prevent future injuries. I can’t recommend Campbell Chiropractic Care enough – a step above the rest!


My spine and back are feeling much better, I feel like I can move more freely.


The Chiropractors and her team make you feel completely relaxed from entry to exit. Thank you for the wonderful care and service!


Campbell Chiropractic Centre has redefined what I thought chiropractic care is. The Chiropractors are the ultimate health care professional. They are concerned with both your immediate and long term health and wellness and effectively communicate these ideas to you the patient. In addition to the Chiropractors, the rest of the team at CCC are always friendly and helpful. I wish I had discovered CCC much sooner!!


The Chiropractors are incredibly kind and knowledgeable.  They truly have their clients’ best interests at heart!   I can’t recommend them enough for all your chiropractic care!


A month ago I had limited movement in one shoulder and extreme pain if I moved it wrong.  The Chiropractor has made great progress restoring movement and limiting pain.  I would highly recommend them.


The Chiropractor is the epitome of professional, and helped me get my shoulder and spine back into position (and keep it that way), highly recommended!


The Chiropractors are excellent! Very knowledgeable! Highly recommend them and their team!!


Super caring and knowledgeable!  The Chiropractors really listens to their patients and works very hard to help through acute issues and then to help maintain the positive results!


The Chiropractor came highly recommended by a good friend of mine and I have to say- it was one of the BEST recommendations I have ever gotten. They were able to pinpoint exactly the cause of my shoulder and neck pain (that has been giving me a lot of trouble for many years) and explain to me the cause in a professional yet personable and friendly manner along with the treatment. With a couple of very gentle and effective adjustments I was able to walk out of the office able to lift my arm above my head with ZERO pain.

They are professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. It is 100% safe to say that Campbell Care Center has a forever patient. Thank you so much!


You know when you meet someone who knows their stuff, that moment when you relax, and feel you are in expert hands, that was how I felt with the Chiropractor. I was in tremendous discomfort and had been for several days. Within minutes the Chiropractor had assessed me and given me pain relief with adjustments. The issues were explained to me, the timeline for my recovery was laid out and the next appointment was booked.  What took it all to the next level was the receipts were emailed to me and so were links to videos that would help with my healing process. Each exercise was explained why it was needed and demonstrated in the video. I trust that the Chiropractor will take care of me going forward and get me back to a better level of health.


The Chiropractors and the team at Campbell Chiropractic are very knowledgeable and pleasant. It is evident they put their patients first and genuinely care about your health! Highly recommend:)


I was very hesitant about going to a chiropractor, but was told that Chiropractic care was the best for helping with chronic pain.  From the moment I stepped in I felt as though I was in the right place.  The Chiropractor answered all my questions, was able to quickly come up with a plan to treat me based on all my medical issues, all while being extremely professional.  After many visits, I can say that my chronic pain and tension headaches which were daily have subsided and made my quality of life a lot better.  I’ve since started taking my wife, and kids will be attending soon.  The Chiropractor and the team offer top notch professional service with a smile.  I cannot thank them enough and enjoy every visit to her office.  We highly recommend The Campbell Care Centre and all services provided!


I am so grateful to have found Campbell Care Centre. The Chiropractic treatments have helped me so much and I have noticed positive results in just a month. Campbell Care Centre is a very positive and friendly environment. I can’t wait to see and feel more great results in the near future. I definitely recommend Campbell Care Centre to anyone who requires Chiropractic.


I have visited Campbell care centre for chiropractic services. Not only is everyone friendly and welcoming but the treatment really does work. In your initial with the Chiropractor you feel and learn about your problem areas. For me, in less than a month I felt a huge difference. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and the Chiropractor has taken much of the pain I felt earlier in pregnancy away. My stepson also sees the Chiropractor and I find that they are great with kids and he is also really progressing.


Results not typical.

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