Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to the Campbell Care Centre website.  The Campbell Care Centre website contains links to other sites.  When entering another website (whether through an advertisement, service, or content link), be aware that Dr. Michelle Campbell is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites.  We encourage you to seek and review the privacy statements of each website that you visit.  While you may use some of the functionality of Campbell Care Centre without registration, many specific tools and services require registration on this website.  If you use our website without registering, only Non-Personal Information using Cookies will be collected.  If you choose to become a member of our website, we require a limited amount of Personally Identifiable information, such as your name, phone number and email address.


Regardless of your registration with Campbell Care Centre, we collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our website, special promotions and newsletters.  The Campbell Care Centre website assigns every computer a different Cookie.  The information collected by cookies: (a) helps statistically monitor number of people using the website (b) number of people opening emails (c) for what purposes these actions are being taken.  Cookies are also used to facilitate a user’s log-in, as navigation aides and as session timers, but not to retain Personal Health Information about you.  Browser software can be set to reject all Cookies.  If rejected, certain functions and conveniences of our website may not work properly but you do not have accept our Cookies in order to use the website.  Non-Personal Information is not linked from Cookies to Personally Identifiable Information without your permission and do not use Cookies to collect or store Personal Health Information about you.


With use of the Campbell Care Centre website, you will be given the option of receiving recurring informational or promotional newsletters via email. These emails are of a general nature and will in no way disclose unique health characteristics.  At any time, you may choose to opt out of receiving additional promotional emails.  To subscribe to newsletters, contact information is required, such as name and email address.  You may choose to unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time.  This Privacy Policy does not protect you when sending content, questions or ideas to Dr. Michelle Campbell by email.  If you intend to keep these items private or proprietary, do not send them in an email.  We are committed to protecting the privacy of children.  Neither Dr. Michelle Campbell nor any of our services are designed or intended to attract children under the age of 13.


Except as put forth in this Privacy Policy or as specifically agreed to by you, Dr. Michelle Campbell will not disclose any Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information we gather on this website.  Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information will only be released to third parties: (a) when complying with legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order (b) in special cases of personal threat to you or others.  In an event for which we are legally compelled to disclose your Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information to a third party, we will attempt to notify you unless doing so would violate the law or court order.


You will be informed if material change to the Privacy Policy is made that involves the use of your Personally Identifiable Information.  Your continued use of Campbell Care Centre’s website indicates acceptance of the changes. Please exit this website immediately if you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy.

Effective: January 1st, 2015