Instant Allergy Relief: Facial Pressure Points

Are allergies and blocked sinuses causing you discomfort? Discover the power of facial pressure points to alleviate these issues quickly. Here are three key areas to target for instant relief:

1. Over the Eyebrows (frontal sinuses):
Located at the inner corners of your eyebrows, make a sweeping motion outward on these pressure points to help relieve sinus congestion and promote better breathing. Apply gentle pressure to these points. Repeat as needed throughout the day to experience relief from nasal congestion.

2. Cheekbone (maxillary and ethmoid sinuses):
Situated directly below the pupils, on the cheekbones, these pressure points can alleviate sinus congestion and reduce facial pain caused by allergies. Apply moderate pressure to these points using your index or middle fingers and massage in a sweeping motion for about 30 seconds. This technique helps drain the sinuses and provides relief from blocked nasal passages.

3. Jaw Points (maxillary and sphenoidal sinuses):
Located just below the earlobes, these pressure points can help relieve sinus pressure and ease allergy symptoms. Apply gentle pressure to these points using your thumbs and hold for a few seconds. Repeat as needed to experience relief from sinus-related discomfort.

Remember, while these pressure points can offer temporary relief, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive treatment plan. If you experience severe allergies or chronic sinus issues, seek medical advice for a proper diagnosis and personalized treatment.

Incorporating these simple pressure point techniques into your routine can provide instant relief from allergies and plugged sinuses. Try them out and enjoy a life free from the discomfort of allergies. Breathe freely and feel the difference!


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