Hey There! We have some exciting new items here at the office that you can buy! Each of these items can complement your care in different ways. Consider buying one of them the next time you are in! Read on for descriptions and information on each of the products we are currently selling!



Biofreeze, sometimes called “cold therapy,” consists of applying a topical menthol analgesic to soothe minor pain in the muscles or joints. we offer it in a spray, roll-on, and gel!


Muscle Release Balls:

Release balls are essential for performing myofascial release, a type of manual therapy intended to release deep muscle knots to relieve pain and restore range of movement to the affected areas of the body.


Fire and Ice Roller Balls:

The Massage Ball’s unique design allows for two hot and cold modes. Users can easily switch between the two as needed to address a range of muscle treatment needs.


TheraBands (Red and Green):

Theraband Latex Resistance Bands are designed to help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living and enhance athletic performance. The elastic exercise bands provide both positive and negative force on muscles and joints to help stretch, tone and condition all major muscle groups.

Hot and Cold Gel Packs:

Hot & Cold Gel Packs offer two relieving therapies in a single pack. Place it in boiling water or the microwave for reusable heat therapy that provides warming comfort to the site or pain or injury. Or, freeze it and use as a pliable ice pack to wrap around the body.

Position Pillows:

They help to hold your body in whatever position is deemed comfortable and/or beneficial to sleep.


Ask Dr. Michelle how one of these products could benefit you and your care!