LONDON, ONT. — For some it’s a magical time of year, but even the magic can fade into mental and physical exhaustion when it’s all done.

“It is so much work to wrap up for Christmas. Christmas is a great time but it’s just one day and when it’s done and over with then we have to pick up the pieces,” says psychotherapist Emilie Sutton, who adds it’s not uncommon for people to feel down after the holidays.

“There’s cooking to do, there’s baking to do, there’s donations to do, there’s teachers gifts to do and then you have to plan a meal and who’s coming, and then January comes and everything’s done.”

Blue Monday, which is a day that typically falls mid-January is something Sutton says is a real problem for many people.

“You’re picking up the pieces of, ‘Now what do I do? I have credit card debt and bills and it’s what’s next now?’ People have also been ignoring themselves all December so now they are picking up the pieces emotionally and physically in January after everything is done.”

Sutton says if you’re feeling that post-Christmas stress or blues, it’s important not to ignore those feelings and reach out to friends, family or even a medical professional.

She adds it’s also important to make time for a little post-holidays self-care.

“Maybe it’s meal planning, maybe it’s going to the gym, maybe it’s daily walks. But a lot of self-care items, and a scheduled that keeps you accountable, will keep you motivated.”

There are also a number of services available via phone or drop-in for any one who needs immediate post-holiday emotional or mental health support: