Dr. Michelle was the local expert on CTV London news yesterday in a clip about snow shovelling.

Check out the link below:

Here are some more tips and tricks to stay healthy during the winter, aka snow shovelling, season:


Be PREPARED: Ensure your body is functioning well to begin with. Have your spine checked by a Chiropractor.  The better functioning your body is, the less risk you have for injury.

It is important to warm up! Even a brisk walk for 5 – 10 minutes can help the body to be prepared for lifting and pushing all of that heavy snow.

Use a light-weight and ergonomic shovel.

Wear boots with treads to help to prevent a slip and fall.

Put a lubricating spray on your shovel so that snow doesn’t stick to it. It will make it easier for the snow to be pushed off of it.

Push the snow instead of lifting it.

If you do have to lift the snow, use smaller loads more frequently to help to prevent injuries. Be sure to lift with your legs, keeping your spine neutral and core tight.

If you do have an injury, be sure to get in to your Chiropractor sooner than later. It is easier to fix an injury right away when it happens, so don’t delay getting yourself looked at.


Happy Snow Shovelling!

Dr. Michelle