When I tell people how I train at the gym 3  – 4 times per week, that I do cross fit at times, and that I have hired a personal coach / trainer to work with me to be at my best, I often get the question – what are you training for? A competition? A race?  An event?

I usually cheekily answer … I am training for LIFE!


Here is what I mean by that:


  •  I train so that I can lift all of my patio furniture from the under the deck storage to our upper level deck.


  •  I train so that my husband and I can put 845 pounds of rocks in our front rock garden all by our selves. Yay for not having to pay for delivery!

rock garden

  •  I train so that I can feel energized at my office every week and I feel good at the end of my weeks, instead of low energy, fatigued and sore.


  •  I train so that I can take my dogs for a 3-hour hike through some rough terrain and hills and be able to keep up with them.


  •  I train so I can play softball in the summer and not feel sore or pain after every single game.


  •  I train so I can be the best version of myself and feel more confident and better in my cloths.


Let me be honest … I have fallen off the wagon with my exercise at times and not felt my best.  I have needed to ask for help and change up what I do.  But the important thing is that I start again and become consistent again.  And I do have bad days, but I keep going. I encourage you to figure out what your ideal type of training is and what you LIKE to do.   When you do, don’t just wait for an event or competition to train. Your ideal type of training could be yoga, swimming, running, a boot camp, spinning class or training at a gym with weights. I encourage you to view your physical exercise as training for you to be a better version of yourself. Pick what you like and stay consistent!


Any questions, send me a message or email michelle@campbellcc.com


Dr. Miche