Did you know…. a muscle cramp happens when a muscle gets tight (contracts) without you trying to tighten it. This often occurs when a muscle is overused or injured. You’re more likely to get a cramp if you exercise when you haven’t had enough fluid or when you have low levels of minerals such as potassium or calcium.

In turn, if your muscle cells are dehydrated and lack fluid, you won’t feel as good as you could after your massage, defeating the purpose.

When should you drink water?

The number one clue that tells you you need to drink is thirst. This is our body’s way of telling us our fluid levels are too low. If you feel thirsty, chances are you are already dehydrated. Drinking water both before and after your massage is ideal.

Not only does drinking water support your muscles, but it also helps to support your kidneys as they filter your blood to get rid of unwanted waste which is needed for your overall health.

Why water?

There are many things you can drink to stay hydrated, but water is your best choice.

Sports drinks, for example, are popular for athletes because they replenish some of the sugar the muscles burned, and some of the electrolytes (minerals) that were released in sweat. Sports drinks can be a good idea for endurance athletes and those who are physically active for long periods of time. But for most people, sports drinks can have way too much unneeded sugar.

So go ahead…listen to your body, choose water and drink up!
** This post is from our RMT, Alania, and you can book in with her at campbellcc.com/book-appointment